Koonce - Ross - Fraser

Bent Not Broken

Koonce - Ross - Fraser: Bent Not Broken

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New American Blues

Koonce - Ross - Fraser: New American Blues

Featuring the viral hit "I Won't Sing Here Anymore"

New American Blues is a passionate 9-song journey through the stark landscape of the fading American dream. Gritty lead singer/drummer Jon Koonce delivers guitarist Marv Ross's songs of perseverance, loss, regret, and pride with a passion-infused edge drawn from the likes of Dylan, Fogerty, Springsteen, and Jagger. Doug Fraser's driving electric guitar blends seamlessly with Ross's unique acoustic tunings, creating sparse but harmonically fresh voicings that separate New American Blues from other roots-rock efforts. One song, "I Won't Sing Here Anymore" (about a man whose conscience will no longer allow him to attend his family's church) was released as a video on Vimeo and has gone viral, averaging 1,000 plays per day. There is a defiant tone to this work ~ a 'bend-but-don't break' stance ~ an honesty and intelligence that makes New American Blues something very very special.

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